Love Fist is a HUGE GTA Five RolePlay server. A unique roleplay experience of jobs, gangs, police & much much more! we pride ourselves off a streamlined roleplay experience. With a strong community vibe and active playerbase. you will not believe your experience!

What Do We Want?

LoveFist Roleplay aims to change the way we look at GTA 5 Roleplay. We are for the players, for the experience and for the community. We strive ourselves in delivering the most unique, thrilling and captivating roleplay experience there is to offer in the GTA 5 FiveM Community.









About Us

Formed in 2019, LoveFist RP is the birth child of a few friends from Canada that has exploded into the great big community that it is now.

Among the popularity of GTARP, LoveFist formed a FiveM server and has since taken off.

LoveFist is a community that provides tons of mods, custom cars, robbery systems, lock picks, custom items, a pawn shop, a great drug system, tons of purchasable houses, and much much more.

LoveFist is not only a great foundation for a new player to roleplay, but a great community for support if you have any trouble understanding a mechanic of the server’s script.

A community full of helpful, happy, and fun people is what LoveFist strives to achieve on a daily basis. It’s our goal to provide our players with the best roleplay experience that you can find in FiveM.

We’re always up for suggestions, and we listen to our community as much as we possibly can! We’re glad you found us and hope that you have found your new home for GTA Roleplay experience! Thanks for checking us out, and we hope to see you in game!

-The LoveFist Team

About Liberty City

Liberty City is a vintage recreation of your favorite old school cop flick. The police, are brutal and corrupt, the economy is struggling and the nights are dark and dreary.
The goal of our Vintage server is to provide a predetermined and fleshed out setting for our actors to thrive in. Streamers and content creators are our protagonists – our main actors. The ones who seek less limelight are the supporting actors. But together, they are cast and crew.

The expectation is that all our actors work together to provide a narrative for our audience.
Partial scripting, or set ups, are not only allowed, but encouraged.
The goal is to -Entertain the Viewers-.

Our mission is to create content to put out into the world, and the only way to achieve this is by working together and communicating our ideas and our goals.

You could say that Liberty City has no rules, but it does have etiquette.
And only those who are willing to participate in the benefit of all, are welcomed to walk it’s streets.