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The Corleones
Faction name: The Corleones
 Link to the faction: 
 Faction type: Gang/Mob
 Faction leaders: 
 William Corleone (Don)
Craig Corleone (Underboss)
 List of faction insiders:
In alphabetical order (not rank order):
 Bruce Corleone
David Corleone
John Corleone
Justice Steward
Natasha Cooper
 List of additional family members:
 Damien Corleone
Habib Corleone
 The Corleone backstory:
The Corleones originated in Fishers Island, New York, USA. Back on Fishers Island, the Corleones controlled the island with their Business knowledge and not minding to get their hands dirty attitude. After many months of power, the island was hit by a MEGA Tsunami that destroyed the island. The Corleones then moved to Liberty City with the promise of running their own casino. With weeks of planning, lists of documents created for the ownership and running of the casino, out of nowhere, ANOTHER MEGA Tsunami hit Liberty City. Many family members were lost in the tragedy. With the Corleones plans in tatters, the surviving members of the Corleones moved over to Los Santos where they try to start-up all over again.
 Faction goals (what we plan to do):
We plan to start up a casino in Los Santos. With the documents and plans we have, it will bring a whole new level of community. With the casino, we could host events, get togethers and even make some new millionaires. Within the Corleones, there are multiple groups including both Business and Criminal. With this set up, we plan on having a large impact and competing as-well-as helping out (with our services) some of the biggest groups in the city. We do not plan on getting into activities such as grug runs, we aim to be more of a higher class of Mob (with running the casino and out business ventures).
 Why should your faction receive official status over other candidates:
A majority of our members are EU based. It would mean that more RP could be carried out during the less peak times of the city (during the morning/day of the majority of the city as it would be our evenings), then when it came to more people waking up on the city we would more likely be getting ready to go to sleep handing over out dominance to the other factions of the city. A Lot of our current members do spend considerable time on the city and with the new addition to the city being a Casino (hopefully), we hope to bring a wide range of new RP scenarios to get everyone involved. 
 Corleone Logo:

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