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Full Version: Terminology
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  • RP: Roleplay
  • Spacing Out: Alt-tabbing
  • Executed: Starting a whole new life. (Talk to an Admin)
  • The City The Server
  • Flying in/out: logging in/out of the Server
  • Tsunami: Server Restart
  • City Official: Admins
  • Got Abducted: Getting disconnected from the Server
  • OOC: Out of character. Speaking in the real world
  • FailRP: A broad term and can encompass many different meanings but generally speaking is when a player does something which in the real world would be generally unthinkable to the majority of people
  • RDM: Killing/attempting to kill someone with no (or minimal) roleplay, initiation or reason
  • VDM: Deliberately using your vehicle as a weapon in an attempt to injure or kill another player with no (or minimal) roleplay, initiation or reason
  • Insane: A player performing RDM, VDM, FailRP
  • Default Danny: a player that is wearing the default clothing when you spawn into the server
  • Powergaming: Roleplaying with mechanics/abilities that do not exist. Cant have a 100% chance of outcome.
  • SuicideRP: Tweeting or messaging services you’re going to kill yourself to cause RP
  • Value of Life Rule: This rule is similar to FearRP in the sense that you should act in a way that values your life and welfare. There is a secret pay attention.
  • FearRP: Fear for your life. This links into FailRP somewhat but you must value your life and RP any fear as you would have it in real-life
  • GTA Online Driving - driving off-road, up hills, hitting jumps etc. Generally driving unrealistically in a vehicle unsuitable for the terrain
  • Metagaming: The act of using real-life information received outside the bounds of the game to benefit your roleplay/character’s knowledge in-game, where otherwise they would have no knowledge of such information
  • Paycheck Farming: Being AFK and getting a "Free" paycheck. This is considered a Bannable Offense and will be enforced.(edited)
  • Blur: When you are not revived by an EMS and are respawning at the hospital. All knowledge of the event leading up to it are gone. "Man what happened, its all al blur".
  • Headache: Lagging.
  • Hearing Voices: Talking to someone IRL.