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Full Version: Beginner Controls
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Please note the default chat is server wide, use a command below

"T" - Opens chat box
/report - Alerts online admins of a situation needing their attention. Use this and NOT /ooc for most in-game needs.
/ooc - Out of Character (please keep this to a minimum and use Discord instead)
/me - Used for communicating things not communicable through game mechanics (i.e. injuries to EMS, searching/revealing a wire, etc.)
/tc - Toggle Chat window on/off
/e help - lists available emotes
/e [emote name] - Activate a specific emote found in the /e help menu.
/Freeze & /Unfreeze - Use this to get out of bugged locations
/checkRepay - check financed vehicle payment time remaining (must be in vehicle)
/doRepay - Make payment towards financed vehicle (must be in vehicle) ]
/radio [channel #] - Join a specific radio channel (1-5 are encrypted and only available for specific on-duty jobs)
/radioleave - Leave the current radio station you're on

"B" - Point with your finger
"H" - Adjust voice range (Whispering / Normal / Shouting)
“L” - Accessory Menu
“M” - Open vMenu
"N" - Default Push to Talk key (this can be changed in your Keybinds for GTA)
"U" - Fall down (use this when your hands are stuck "Up" in other people's eyes)
"V" - change camera from first person / chase / far chase
"X" - Raise Hands (also used to get you out of most emotes)
“Z” - Lock/Unlock Vehicle
"Caps Lock" - Default Radio Push To Talk button (this can be changed by adjusting your "Bike Sprint" in your GTA keybinds)
"Tab" - Hold to open weapon wheel
“F1” - Bring up Phone (must own one)
“F2” - Inventory
“F3” - Animation Menu
“F6” - Job Interaction Menu (When available to a job)
“F7” - Invoice Menu
"F8" - Opens console
"F11" - Open / close helmet visors
“Page Up" - ESX Private Menu
“Page Down" - City "Yellow Pages"

“K” - Trunk Inventory (must be standing near your trunk)
“B” - Seatbelt On/Off
“H” - Adjust Headlights
"V" - change camera from first person / chase / far chase
"Z" - Lock / Unlock Vehicle
"Shift" - Enable the Speed Limiter (this isn't a cruise control, you set the top speed and hold down the gas)
“Shift+E” - Used to push broken down vehicles